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Meet Lisa Stalvey and Frank Coady, owners/chefs of Malibu Catering. Lisa has been a professional chef for almost 40 years working under Wolfgang Puck at Ma Maison and became his head chef at Spago, Sunset in 1986. Lisa also worked at L'Orangerie, La Toque and consulted for numerous restaurants. Lisa went to Iceland for four months to bring California cuisine to Reykjavik and spent 5 weeks traveling Europe to bring new ideas back with her. Upon returning, she landed a job as Executive chef at the infamous Bambu restaurant in Malibu in 1993. She reined 5 years there and left to develop sauces and

co-write 2 cookbooks for Paul Newman's company, Newman's Own.


Frank Started cooking in a little town called

Thunder Bay in Ontario Canada. His first

time in the kitchen was at a place called Stans Pizza where he learned to make and cook pizza in a high energy bustling environment. Frank has had several careers that span from acting to financial consultant to head chef and artist. He has been head chef for several organizations including several luxury drug and alcohol rehabs in the Malibu area.  In 1996 Frank and Lisa started a company called Malibu Catering which has catered to movie stars, rock stars, heads of state and the general populus of Malibu and the surrounding area. They continue to provide the most upscale catering that you can find in the Los Angeles area.


Lisa and Frank

How We Started and What's In It


Butter Barn Butter came to fruition while driving New Years Day. We started talking about butter for some reason and suddenly the light came on. We looked at each other and said at the same time, "Oh my gosh! That's it! Fresh grass-fed flavored butters! The ideas are endless!" Thus, a new business was born. We could hardly wait to get to the store and buy the best grass fed butter we could find, and have been mad scientists since- creating, re-creating, tasting, and enjoying these silk, velvety whipped, formed, and flavored creamy butters. Now we've grown into the best GF baked goods ever, plus some vegan and keto ones too!Our vegan salad dressings are also amazing!


"We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!" 


"I've bought expensive gifts for my grandkids over the years like snowboards, skis, trips out of the country, etc, but when I gave my son this amazing butter he said, "Mom, this is the best gift you've ever given us!" Think of all the money I could have saved. It's the God's truth, this is the best darn butter ever!"

Jody R.

"I can't believe how amazing their butters are! My kid love the herb, lemon honey and blueberry honey! Mine is the Paleo Butter for Coffee. But to be honest, I've tasted almost all of them and it's always hard to decide which ones to order!"

Beth B.

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