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Our  Gluten - Free Cookies & Brownies

Erewhon Market is proudly my retailer for all of our products. 

Choc Chip Almnd.jpg
Marshmallow Choc Chunk.jpg
Vegan Peanut Choc Cookie.jpg
Oatmeal Lemon Cookie.jpg
Cookie Vegan Oat Matcha.jpeg

Vegan Oatmeal Matcha Cookie w/ 


Vegan Oat Matcha.jpg
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Marshmallow Chocolate Chunk Macadamia Cookie


Vegan Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ adaptogens


Insanely Delicious Brownie

Chocolate Chip Almond Cookie

Chocolate Chip Almond Cookie

Oatmeal Marshmallow Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Oatmeal Lemon Marshmallow Cookie- with white and dark chocolate chips

Contact Us-  310.775.0979

Our products are made by hand in small batches at  Foodies Urban Kitchen, Sun Valley Calif.
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